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Chasney Estate is a small 14 acre Olive Grove in Tresco Victoria. It is owned, worked and run by Isabel and Gary Chasney.  We fell upon the Grove while visiting friends and buying the front block of land.  Then we moved from a corporate lifestyle in Tasmania and had to start learning all about farming and the olive oil business. We have 5 types of Olives and produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Frantoio Olive and sometimes Manzanillo. 
Our farm is off the grid solar and we are aiming to be as natural as possible.
We are building healthy soils, healthy plants and healthy animals on the farm.
We know that food grown in healthy soil is healthy food. We add compost and mulch to help build our farms healthy soil.
We are currently planting 15 types of lavender, 10 Culinary including English Lavender  (Lavandula Angustifolia) for culinary use and Essential oils, and Lavandula intermedia Grosso  for dried flowers and essential oil for cosmetic use. Later in the year we are hoping to be open for farm tours for the Lavender from December, where you can watch the distilling process for essential oil around December/January. We will have come and try days, pick your own lavender and lavender wreath making classes.
We are chemical and pesticide free on our farm although we are not certified Organic.
With our family and business  Icon “ Esmee The Donkey”.

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