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Introducing Clint - the artisan behind Chilli Punk’s handcrafted chutneys and relishes.  Based on the Sunshine Coast with locally sourced chilli, the distinctive CHILLI PUNK products are all cooked in the low and slow method creating rich and deep flavours, chunky textures and varying scales of heat from medium to super hot!

Chilli Punk puts flavour first, and then the burn.

Add to your favourite meats, kick-off those morning eggs, stir through pasta, use as a dip, pair with some cheese on a platter, add directly into your cook, or just place it on the side.

Quite possibly the most versatile chilli product on the market – Clint has managed to craft something for all chilli lovers!

Here's some tips from Clint on how to use each of his products from the range... 

And a little feature from Channel Nine's Travel Guides... 


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