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About Fruity Garnish Co

Dehydrated Australian Fruit

Fruity Garnish Co for Artisans Bend

We are a proudly South Australian small business based in Adelaide.  We dehydrate fruit for spirits (especially gin!), cocktails, garnishes for cake baking, try it in tea or just munch on for a delicious healthy snack. 

Most of our fruits come from SA back gardens.  If we cannot source fruit from South Australia, we will only purchase our fruit from Australia, not overseas.

All handmade and vegan, nothing added.

All our waste is recycled.  We have solar panels, so our dehydrator is happy to use this on a daily basis!

Is dehydrated food healthy?

Dehydrated fruit retains the original vitamins, minerals, and natural enzymes of foods far better than other forms of food preservation or cooking.

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