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Jason at Jaques Coffee in Mareeba Qld

Jaques is a plantation, roastery, café and restaurant run by an incredible team who pride themselves on providing a full, immersive coffee experience. Whether it's through in-person plantation tours, watching their unique and educational coffee documentary or enjoying their coffee in your own home, this family-run team love good coffee and want to share it with you. 

While Jaques is based in Mareeba, North Queensland, the coffee-growing capital of Australia, its single origin coffee is popular all over Australia. The innovative team understands how to get beautiful coffee to the masses and have implemented a smart coffee subscription service, backed by quick delivery and the availability of bio-caps for espresso machines. They make it easy to enjoy Jaques’ spectacular coffee right in your own kitchen. 

With a focus on sustainability, the team are always on the hunt for ways to make their coffee and plantation a force for good in Australia’s coffee industry. One way they’ve done this is by investing in a highly-productive solar power system (boasting a total of 470 solar panels) which produces up to one megawatt of power per day. That’s enough energy to offset the entire Jaques operation, including farm operations, the tourist centre, the roastery and the processing mills.


Coffee lovers and founders, Nat and Linda were raised on a plantation in Tanzania. When they stumbled upon Mareeba on their travels they immediately felt at home—it reminded them so much of Africa! They knew this was the place they wanted to grow coffee. 

With brother Richard and his wife Mariolyn joining them they secured their first land and Jaques Brothers Coffee was launched. Together they planted over 10,000 Arabica coffee trees, a five-year investment as they waited for the trees to reach a height and crop size viable for commercial harvest.

With costs always at the forefront of the founders' minds, they worked hard to find a solution to the huge labour bill that hand harvesting would require. So, 1985 they developed the world's first fully self-contained mechanical coffee harvester. This incredible innovation allowed the harvesting process to go from the work of 100 men to one man with one machine. As you can image, it completely changed the coffee industry in Australia!

It took overcoming some adversity, including a recession and a devastating fruit fly tragedy, before the Jaques coffee that we now know could come to fruition. But today Jaques is an award-winning restaurant and winery-style visitor centre, with educational tours, fabulous food and, of course, absolutely incredible coffee. 


  • Restaurant, café and onsite roastery
  • Single origin award-winning coffee
  • Educational coffee tours 
  • Family owned and operated
  • Sustainable coffee making focus 
  • Over 40 years in coffee making 


Mareeba, on the tropical Atherton Tableland, is approximately one hour's drive from Cairns and Port Douglas in North Queensland. It’s a hugely popular location for tourists due to its warm, balmy climate and stunning backdrops.

With mountain retreats, stunning rainforests, waterfalls and world heritage sites, there's an abundance of natural wonders and luxury at your fingertips. Of course, along with beautiful scenery, there's a lot to attract your taste buds, too! The Atherton Tablelands is hub for agri-tourism and visitors are spoiled for choice with multiple farmers markets, dairy producers, distilleries, farm stores and of course, great coffee at Australia’s oldest coffee plantation!