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Jasper and Myrtle is a small, family-run chocolate maker based out of Canberra, Australia. But one bite of their signature small-batch chocolate bars and you’ll know that they’re so much more than just that.

When it comes to making chocolate, creator Li Peng Monroe is firmly focused on enhancing the chocolate experience while infusing incredibly beautiful flavours. She starts by sourcing the most fragrant beans from the Autonomous Region of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea. The beans are then perfectly roasted to optimise the aromatics and flavours. Then the husks are separated from the beans, and the beans winnowed and ground into a rich cocoa liquor. This is then combined with other high-quality ingredients to make the rich chocolate melange. Finally, the chocolate is tempered and moulded into the beautiful confectionary we can taste today.

Together with co-owner Peter, Li Peng works tirelessly to ensure that every single bar is perfect. Weeks are spent testing and refining each flavour (a process we wouldn’t mind being part of!) ensuring that the range will continue to delight chocolate lovers all over Australia (and beyond). 

Whether you’re after their signature single-origin dark chocolate bars which truly showcase the flavour of the Bougainville cacao beans, or prefer the warm delights of their drinking chocolate, you definitely won’t be disappointed. And Li Peng and Peter have one more trick up their sleeves—gelato coming soon!


Jasper and Myrtle’s signature single-origin chocolate bars are the standard the team stands behind. In fact, from the beginning, both Peter and Li Peng have been firmly committed to sourcing their cacao beans from sustainable and traceable sources. Bougainville in Papau New Guinea soon rose to the occasion, and today, the beans that go into making Jasper and Myrtle chocolate come from smallholders working their farms in that area.

Every year Li Peng and Peter visit Bougainville to catch up with the farmers who supply their beans. They want to ensure they know where their products are coming from and pay a fair price for every single bean. They’ve formed special relationships with many of the local cocoa farmers. OPne relationship, with Martin and Kathleen, has inspired their rage of Nunu chocolates. Nunu is named after Martin and Kathleen’s fermenting facility and the range even bears their emblem as part of its logo—the local Kokomo bird, or hornbill. 

Creating chocolate in this way is one of the core values for the Jasper and Myrtle team. But it also ensures the end user is getting an incredible product. This is certainly highlighted by the 19 awards their chocolate has won since the company began in 2016, including 13 in prestigious international competitions such as the Academy of Chocolate in London and the International Chocolate Awards in the Asia-Pacific Division (judged in the USA) and six from nationally recognised shows (Australian Food Awards and Sydney Royal Show).


  • Single-origin, small batch, award-winning chocolate bars
  • Wide range of chocolate confectionary
  • New gelato range coming soon
  • Sustainably sourced cocoa beans
  • Handmade in Canberra, Australia
  • Relationships with local farmers
  • Fair pay and traceability
  • No artificial colour, flavours or preservatives


The Autonomous Region of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea was created as part of a peace agreement after the Bougainville Civil War. While a small part of the region’s economy is from mining, the majority is from agriculture and aquaculture. This is due to the incredible biodiversity of the area. In fact, this is one of the most beautiful places on the planet with picture-perfect beaches and bays, over 60 island lakes, sinkholes, caves and even volcanoes.

Today cocoa and copra are two of the main exports. And more than three million cocoa trees have been replanted or rejuvenated across the region. Growing the cocoa takes a village, with one farmer often employing many other locals. These ventures not only supply the world with some of the most beautiful cocoa beans, but have also allowed peace to grow between villages divided by conflict as they work together.

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