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Brigid Woolnough from Kokopod for Artisans Bend

Who is Kokopod? You can think of them as the art of chocolate, perfected by science. 

Brigid Woolnough is obsessed with quality chocolate. After an ultimatum from her husband, who told her she either had to stop making it or commercialise it, she decided to take the plunge. And so she launched Kokopod. For our part, we’re so pleased she did. Now this absolutely incredible and award-winning chocolate is available all over the country. 

Brigid started her love affair with chocolate at age 16, after completing a student exchange to Germany. She was wowed by the quality of European chocolate. It was nothing like anything she’d ever tasted. And she promised herself that she’d find a way to bring it back to Australia someday. 

It was while she was on maternity leave, that Brigid finally took the plunge. She began to focus her energies on learning all things chocolate and enrolled in a six- week course at Melbourne's highly-esteemed Savour Chocolate and Patisserie School. Four years later and she was moving her new chocolaterie, Kokopod, into its own purpose- designed chocolate manufacturing space on the Sunshine Coast. 

Brigid and team now work towards the future of chocolate by fusing the art and science of chocolate-making to achieve the highest quality and optimum flavour. The team pioneer new ideas in chocolate by pairing the best of what Switzerland has to offer in couverture with delicious Australian flavours.


Brigid’s love of chocolate goes beyond the delicious, mouth- watering and silky-textured taste. It’s also an expression of her creativity. Her customers are blown away by the unique and  interesting pairings of local hero ingredients with traditional European chocolate which, to their great surprise, actually enhances the flavours of both.

For their part, the Kokopod team are passionate about showcasing Australian ingredients through their hands-on couverture process. Brigid personally tastes every ingredient, hand-selecting those that thrill her senses and then choosing which chocolate will synergise with it. The team go so far as to hand inspect each nut in the best-selling caramelised macadamias (Macnuts). And the flavour pairings, such as lemon myrtle and macadamia or plum pear and pepperberry, merge with dark, rich chocolate leaving you wanting to come back for more and more!


  • Boutique handcrafted chocolate
  • Innovative chocolate flavour pairings 
  • Australian hero ingredients merged with the highest quality European chocolate 
  • Multi- award winning
  • Grazing chocolates that pair with cheese


The Sunshine Coast is located approximately 100 km north of Brisbane, Queensland and offers a vast and varied backdrop for this master chocolatier. Known for white sandy beaches, crystal clear waterways, national parks, temperate rainforest, coastal mountain range and historic villages, its scenery and warm climate make it a popular tourism destination for foodies and non-foodies alike. 

Many flock here for the views and the relaxed atmosphere alone. Known to be more subdued and sleepy than other coastal counterparts, its warm climate and rich soils are perfect for producing some of the best Australian produce, including beautiful avocados, ginger, pineapples, strawberries, feijoas, macadamia nuts, tomatoes, passionfruit, lychees, lemon myrtle and, of course, chocolate.

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