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From humble beginnings Lana has created a thriving small business built around her grandmother's recipe and home-grown rhubarb which has expanded from a mere concept over a decade ago to producing an average 1200kg of product a month.

 It’s all about the rhubarb, everything that Lana’s Garden produces is based around rhubarb. Currently there are seven products in the Lana’s Garden range. Rhubarb and Raspberry Jam, Rhubarb Relish, Rhubarb Coulis, Rhubarb and Chilli Salsa, a savoury Rhubarb Sauce, Rhubarb Vinegar and a limited seasonal release of Rhubarb and Fig Jam. Lana’s Garden products are proudly handmade in small batches  Because they choose to use raw ingredients and not add any artificial colours, thickeners or preservatives, each batch is individual  as a result colour may vary slightly depending on the season and  the varieties used.

 Lana set up her business so that she could spend more time with her children. Now the Warrnambool mothers’ rhubarb coulis, relish, jam, and savoury sauces are sold at farmers’ markets, online and at quality food merchants from Adelaide, SA, to Mt Tamborine, QLD.

 You can regularly find the tasty rhubarb condiments created by Lana’s Garden, as well as other fresh produce and locally made products at The Fresh Market, on the beautiful foreshore area in Warrnambool, Vic.

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