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Lang’s Gourmet was founded through the purchase of a business called Stotts six years ago.  They saw potential for this little business, which was selling to little tourist towns with nicely painted labels, to a national coverage and brand-new launch.

Manufacturing has been a strong foothold in the Lang’s background, so it seemed natural to move this way. Their love of food and entertaining brought them to this food-based produce and cooking is especially Kathryn’s favourite pastime. Even after cooking and pouring thousands of jars a day she would come home to cook a gourmet meal for her family of six. It is just her happy place.

Lang’s now has coverage in every state, with a community of eager foodies following their journey and supporting their products.  This, in turn, ensures the support of their local suppliers and growers. A circular economy is incredibly important to the ethos of the business, and they want everyone's story to be shared, told, and supported. This is Lang’s Gourmet big picture dream. 

Because supporting local is the core of what Lang’s is about, it is an exciting opportunity to shine a light on Queensland’s unique delicious and exciting flavour profiles.  Lang’s believes it is their competitive edge to showcase the Sunshine State and all it can offer.

Fast track learning is the key to Lang’s moving as fast as they have. Experience in scaling and recipe development has assisted them to pivot to a household name and we are so proud our staff still prepare all products by hand and that we employ a range of local staff who all love what they do, they are all family.  They have a beautiful brand image and a fun philosophy that sees them not taking themselves too seriously but keeping a keen eye on their end-goal

Lang’s Gourmet is proud to be a sustainable business with zero waste.   They use glassware rather than plastic and by using local business, they keep their emissions to a minimum.  There are no preservatives in their ingredients.

Customers can rest in the knowledge that they are supporting a small family business that also supports local businesses, is environmentally sound and that is a far cry from the mass-produced supermarket brands.   Lang’s Gourmet products carry the family’s personality in each jar or bottle, they carry an interesting story and are part of Lang’s well-considered range that focuses on values, honesty, and love, which is all made by hand, not push-button machines.

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