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Matthieu Megard from L'Artisan Cheese


L’Artisan Cheese can be considered one of the noble cheese families in Australia. Founded by third-generation French cheesemaker, Matthieu Megard, this Aussie favourite manages to combine the divine cheesemaking history of Europe with the essence of the rolling dairy pastures of Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. And it’s a match that continually produces some of the country’s best cheeses.

L’Artisan works with one main Australian milk supplier—the Smith Family Organic Farm. The Smith’s farm is separated from the wilds of the Great Southern Ocean by only a sand dune. And their focus is on raising organic Jersey cows on beautiful rolling pastures using absolutely no pesticides or out-of-season silage. The result is delicious raw milk that enables L’Artisan to create their incredibly moreish cheeses.

Today you can find L’Artisan cheeses at carefully selected stockists across Australia and, of course, right here at Artisan’s Bend. Whether you choose Marcel (a nod to the unctuous St Marcellin cheese from Matthieu’s home country) or the highly fragrant and oozy Le Rouge, you won’t be disappointed.


Matthieu and the L’Artisan team are highly focused on the processes for making their stunning cheeses. Starting with recipes and techniques brought from France they produce traditional French cheeses that incorporate the best that Australia and the region has to offer.  

From the moment the milk reaches them, everything is done by hand—from skimming to moulding—and every single cheese they produce is watched and attended to along the way. This care means that the cheese that comes out of L’Artisan’s hands is, without exception, exactly the way the team means it to be, from the stinky washed rinds to the extravagant triple creams.

Of course, their results wouldn’t be nearly as wonderful if they weren’t starting with the freshest organic raw milk. All the milk used by L’Artisan is Organic Certified, ensuring that the farmers produce it in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. This includes promoting the biodiversity of plant life, undertaking soil regeneration and water conservation and, of course, ensuring that their animals are happy and healthy at all times. And that focus on organic methodologies means even better cheese.


  • Artisan French-style cheese 
  • 100% organic
  • Handmade with care and skill
  • Founded by a third-generation French cheesemaker


The Great Ocean Road region stretches from Torquay to Warrnambool and is one of Victoria’s most popular visitor destinations outside of Melbourne. There’s a good reason for this. It has some of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes in Australia. Exquisite coastal scenery is hugged by rugged mountain ranges with rolling hills of productive farmland nestled between. There are country towns to visit and even flourishing rainforest pockets. 

The northern and westernmost parts of the region are well known for producing beautiful dairy products, as well as for grazing and crop raising. In fact, much of this region sits on the third largest volcanic plain in the world. This geology gives the region a lush fertility and richness that allows for the growing of wonderful produce and the creation of delicious local products.

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