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At Longborne Estate we believe that food should be savoured, not rushed.  Our Longborne Gourmet range of fruits and nuts provide you with premium accompaniments for your cheeseboard or charcuterie platter.  All our products come in convenient single use sizes, with the advantage of being resealable with our snap lock seals if required.  The size also means that you can have a more varied selection without any waste.

Hi, I’m Susan.  I’ve always had a love for fine food and a passion for creating delicious flavour combinations.  When I couldn’t find really tasty marinated figs online during the Covid19 lockdown, I decided to try making my own.  After playing with the recipe a little, Drunken Figs were born and Longborne Gourmet grew from there!  

After years of entertaining friends and family I had grown frustrated with the inconsistencies in the market when it came to accompaniments for cheeseboards and charcuterie platters.  I wanted premium quality products and just enough of them for one event, not leftovers that I had to carry back after a picnic or that hung around in the fridge for months going stale.    

My range of single-serve dried fruits and nuts have gone through a careful selection process to identify only those of the highest quality.  Pairing notes are included on all products to help our customers make confident purchasing decisions.

The Longborne Gourmet range of products takes the guesswork out of preparation so you can create a divine entertaining experience.

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