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I’m Mimi and my journey in creating Mimi's Laphet started from a love of tasty and healthy food growing up in Burma. When I was in primary school, on Sundays, my mum would get her brother and sister’s families together for trips to monasteries in regional Yangon, Burma (Myanmar). After an hour drive the monks in their saffron robes in the beautiful golden temple grounds would welcome us with a bowl of tea leaf salad and some Marie biscuits. The salad didn’t last long with hungry children, it all finished within minutes.

Mimi's Laphet for Artisans Bend

The traditional tea leaf salad known locally as ‘laphet thoke’ is a freshly made salad consisting of tomato, shredded cabbage, corn & lettuce that is garnished with fermented tea leaves, garlic, chilli, a squeeze of lime and topped with crunchy nuts and sesame seeds. It is a very healthy, tasty and colourful salad. It is a local custom to offer Laphet thoke to visitors and it is a gesture of generosity, warmth and good health. 

It's been a dream come true to bring these flavours to Australia, for the first time, in such an easy-to-use way that still retains the original taste and health benefits. It was my drive to help share these unique flavours with my friends that inspired me to create the world’s first pickled tea sauce in 2020 whilst in lockdown! It hasn't been easy with over 100 different recipes and a lot of taste testing before landing on the delicious recipe you can now buy. I’m proud to be able to source the tea leaves from the temperate highlands of Burma and to produce the Tea Sauce locally in regional Victoria. I was recently recognised in the Roar Success awards 2021 as a finalist for creating this innovative and healthy pickled tea sauce.

It always brings a smile to my face to see the different ways people are using the Tea Sauce and Sunkissed Crunch, from topping their salads to adding to a wrap or mixing it through their noodles, yum! I'm so glad that people around Australia can now learn about Burmese cuisine and enjoy these secret flavours in their own way.

I’m also passionate about eating healthy and treading lightly on the earth. That’s why I’ve made sure that our products are all natural and free of any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. They’re also plastic free using glass jars & bottles and cardboard packaging. We also donate 10c from every bottle of Tea Sauce and Sunkissed Crunch to WIRES Australian Animal Wildlife rescue. 


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