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Doug and Rachelle Cameron were inspired to make their own beef jerky from their cattle on their Nive Downs property (near Augathella in central Queensland, 750km west of Brisbane) after realising the high cost and mediocre quality of the beef jerky typically sold at service stations.  After spending over two years researching how to minimise the journey from “paddock to packet” and testing their recipe and the best cuts of meats, Nive Beef Jerky was born.

The result is a beef jerky that comes from their free-range grass-fed Angus cross and Angus/Charolais cross steers that are raised in a low-stress and hormone-free environment.  Doug and Rachelle pride themselves on the most sustainable cattle operation possible, with a rotational grazing system to protect their precious grass-cover.  Nive Beef Jerky is lean and created from the highest quality cuts such as rump and eye-fillet.  Every batch is tested for quality and safety.

Due to the high-quality nature of the product, Nive Beef Jerky not only makes a tasty snack, it is also at home on your cheese platter, gourmet salads and pasta dishes.  Why not try the entire range to work out your favourite flavour?

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