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Michael & Cressida Cains from Pecora Dairy


Michael and Cressida Cains are the owners of artisan sheep milk dairy and cheesery, Pecora Dairy. Based on 200 acres in Robertson, the green heart of the Southern Highlands, Pecora Dairy is only 100 miles from Sydney. But its luscious fields, home to their flock of 150 pure East Friesian sheep, might as well be in another world. 

Established in 2011, Pecora have only ever used sheep milk for their range of artisan cheeses. Being one of the most nutrient dense and rich milks, higher in protein and calcium than cow or goat milk, it is at the heart of what makes their seasonal and award-winning ewes milk cheeses the incredible artisan products they are. In fact, the team liken it to ‘Rolls Royce milk for cheese making’.

Their award-winning cheeses have made Pecora Dairy a household name . Winning gold for their blue cheese at the Sydney Royal Cheese and Dairy Show and being the first Australian cheesery licensed to make raw milk cheese in 2018, these cheese makers are trailblazers. From Yarrawa, Australia's first non-cooked raw milk cheese, to the Bloomy, a fragrant, moreish mould-ripened cheese, Pecora Dairy makes cheese chosen by Sydney's best chefs, on the daily.


Their gentle approach to the land and their ewes, and their commitment to representing their landscape, makes this cheesery an absolute stand-out. Describing their cheeses as ‘an expression of the land’, Michael and Cressida believe you can taste the entire story. From the big picture to the details, like the pasture, the seasons and the animals, and even right down to the microbiological level. What results is a unique and buttery cheese that is the best of what the Southern Highlands has to offer.

And the Southern Highlands have a lot to offer. The cheeses produced here come from a unique cool climate rainforest with crystal clear waters and swaying native pastures. This lush area, along with the team’s light-handed approach to farming are to thank for this award-winning, mouth-watering collection. 


  • Award-winning artisan ewe milk cheese 
  • Australia's first raw milk cheesery
  • Light handed approach that respects and loves the land
  • Sustainable practices that support the ecosystem
  • Featuring delicious cheeses, curds and yoghurts 
  • Pecora Dairy Cheese Shop and Providore open Friday to Sunday


The green heart of the Southern Highlands is a hotspot for foodies and tourists alike. Known for its rich red fertile soil providing rich rural farmland and rolling green hills, it's a stunning spot for local produce, restaurants and artisan markets. 

Home of the cool climate rainforest, this is a unique location for a local collective of vineyards, cellar doors and winemakers responsible for creating some of Australia’s award winning cool climate wines. With seasonal produce available from the farm gate along its many memorable tourist drives and the Southern Highlands coffee trail, it's a great opportunity to shop local. And, of course, it’s the perfect place for cheese lovers.

Pecora Dairy

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