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Trish White’s PICNIC story…


PICNIC was born during the start of COVID19 time and a need to include my family members in what we do.
So we decided to make picnic tables giving our son Patrick and my hubby Andrew a chance to be involved in different ways in the family business.

Then came the food …giving families larger portion sizes to enjoy with family and/or friends with their own little picnic table wherever… whenever.

Our State of South Australia grows fruits & nuts in abundance that we roast, spice, dry, chocolate coat and sprinkle to help you enjoy the picnic challenge of getting out there, at home or in the great outdoors to the fun & laughter of sharing.

I pictured in the teepee tent, kids having a party, in a paddock up the road, at the beach, in the bush or your backyard, balcony or verandah.

We added our chocolate coffee beans for that more adult flavour with a sweet twist.

The orange …….OMGoodness the orange , we get these from a local girl, Sue who grows on her own property just up the road and from The Riverland of South Australia..        anyway, this season Sue’s oranges were a little bitter and we thought …. yoghurt choc and why not …………. hence the dipping began, and I think you will agree we created a superbly yummy number!

On another fruity / nutty note we wanted more from Fruits & Nuts…hence we have 2 FRUIT & NUT LOVERS options one with pear and one with apple, super to snack on or add to your favorite cheese platter.
Oh, and back to the including the chaps in table making ………………no no no did not happen, so now we have Amanda who has a shed only some of us could dream about and her dream job, lovingly creating our PICNIC TABLES!!

From Trish White & the Team that is PICNIC TABLES ETC.

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