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Burke and Bronwyn Brandon of Prom Country Cheese


Prom Country Cheese is a hands-on, family-run farmhouse cheesery based in the rolling hills of lush South Gippsland. Bronwyn and Burke Brandon and their family make up the team behind this homegrown brand of raw ewes milk cheeses, which is also the very first of its kind in Victoria. 

Trained chef and passionate animal lover Brownyn cares for the families’ flock of Moyarra ewes looking after the rearing and milking. While second generation cheesemaker Burke pairs his passion for the science of cheese cultures with the art of cheesemaking that he experienced in France, Italy and the UK. These sustainable, natural and ethical farming practices marry with the beautiful raw ingredients from one of Australia’s most fantastic farming regions. The result is simple but beautiful cheeses that have delightful textures and distinctively complex flavours. 

Real food, at its absolute best.


As second-generation cheesemakers, Burke and Bronwyn knew that the fantastic regional milk being produced in the area was something unique and special. They wanted to showcase this in their cheese. And they felt there was no better way than through the creation of raw milk cheeses.

In March 2020 the Victorian government gave them approval to be the first commercial cheesemaker to produce entirely raw cheeses… and the Prom Country team was absolutely thrilled. They knew that this was the best way to really show off the nuanced flavours of the cheese (that starts with the very best milk) and give cheese lovers a truly magical experience (for which we truly thank them!). 

Today they produce natural-rinded hard cheeses, light and delicate soft cheeses, marinated beauties and tangy blues. They make them from their own beautiful sheep’s milk, as well as from cow’s milk sourced from neighbouring farms. Without exception they always ensure that the milk they use comes from producers who mirror their own low input, sustainable farming philosophy. The best way to ensure that their cheeses are beautifully flavoursome and reflect the land on which they’re made.


  • Artisan raw ewes milk cheeses from their own happy sheep
  • Cow’s milk cheeses from neighbouring producers
  • First approved commercial raw milk cheesery in Victoria
  • Second-generation cheesemakers on family-run cheesery
  • A focus on sustainable and ethical farming practices
  • Cheesery cellar door and country kitchen


The Moyarra Valley where Prom Country Cheese is located, is in the lush South Gippsland hills between Bena and Inverloch. This area is home to an amazing ecosystem which includes the iconic (and famous!) Giant Gippsland Earthworm. The ecosystem thrives in the nutrient-rich, chocolate loam soil that is endemic in the area. And these rich soils also support a wide array of farming, from agriforestry to premium pinot noir grape vines.

It’s also a fantastic place to raise herds of happy sheep, goats and cows, and Southern Gippsland producers focus on sustainable, pasture-fed animal rearing to connect their animals more directly with the ultimate customer. And giving a true paddock-to-plate feeling across the region. 

Garlic is another product that Southern Gippsland is well-known for, and visitors are always keen to check out the annual Garlic Festival in Meeniyan. Here they can try amazing garlic products, but also sample many other of Gippsland’s fine food products. What could be better?

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