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Rosevale Lentils for Artisans Bend
Hi, and welcome to Rosevale Lentils. We’re a family-owned farming business on the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia. Deeply passionate about sustainability and healthy eating, we grow nutritious lentils to provide your family and ours with healthy, low-cost and convenient meals.
We have been growing lentils with love on our family farm since 1999. We use sustainable farming practices to protect our precious environment and ensure you enjoy the highest quality lentils with the best possible nutritional value.

We grow whole red lentils and French lentils. Whichever variety you choose, the health benefits of this vegan superfood are extraordinary.

Our Rosevale lentils are:

  • Packed with protein
  • High in fibre to aid digestion and improve gut health
  • Gluten free – perfect for those with coeliac disease
  • Packed full of vitamins and minerals
  • Low energy density to support weight control.

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