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In addition to being incredible products, inspired by Australian native flora and fauna, Rubadub Seasoning’s owner is an all-round philanthropist.  Habib is committed to Sustainability, Community & Biodiversity.

He has always been fascinated by the ancient Land we call Australia, its unique wildlife and  the rich cultures and diverse cultures of its peoples. The Native flavours you’ll find in Rubadub Seasoning reflect this uniqueness, helping to form a strong culinary identity to the outside world all while granting us a deeper connection with the land.

The products are named after endangered native species of flora and fauna and they donate part of their annual profits to NGO Rainforest Rescue.

Rubadub Seasoning’s mission is to have native ingredients used by everyday people in everyday meals. The philosophy is that by feasting on the flavours of the nation will raise the awareness of our consumers to the endangered nature of some of our most loved plants and animals.

To help inspire you, Rubadub Seasoning has called on some mates who love to use the seasonings in their own way:

Sam loves to make a spicy margarita with the Snakebush blend

Andrei uses the Black Cockatoo blend in his hand-made pasta for a smokiness that balances out a rich lamb ragu 

Annabelle added the Rock Wallaby blend into her Pork and Chive dumplings (YUM!)

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