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Skybury Coffee in Mareeba for Artisans Bend

Skybury Café and Roastery is nestled on the beautiful Great Dividing Range around 550 meters above sea level. This 400 acre plantation has been growing incredibly moreish Australian coffee and red papaya on the rich soils of the Atherton Tablelands since 1987. In fact, it has the incredible honour of being Australia’s oldest coffee plantation. 

Founders, Ian and Marion MacLaughlin, have always loved coffee. And they’ve combined their passion for Australian coffee and bringing people together within Skybury. At Skybury they don’t just grow, roast and brew some of the best beans in the world. They’ve also created a picturesque and popular plantation that brings together local and international visitors with its pure Arabica coffee, café and roastery and stunning views.

Uniquely, Skybury’s award-winning coffee is grown, harvested and roasted all on their own farm. With well-drained soil, little to no frost and an annual rainfall of around 800 mm per year, their location provides optimum conditions for producing the Bourbon variety of Arabica coffee beans. And beautiful backdrops for the coffee lovers lucky enough to visit.

Skybury is a family run farm (three generations of the MacLaughlin family call Skybury Farm home), so the team understand that their people are their greatest asset. With over 90 staff, some seasonal and some longer term, a cafe, a working roastery and an agri-tourism focus, the farm is an important support in the local community, and the team work hard to ensure they keep it that way. Local, sustainable and community-focused is just the way the like it.


Skybury uses the double cropping method to sustainably produce its crops. Under this technique, the environmentally-savvy team grows the papaya and coffee crops together, allowing them to support and complement each other. This cropping method created an opportunity for them to produce the very first environmentally friendly, shade-grown coffee in Australia. This is a stroke of luck for Australian coffee drinkers (like us!) because the flavour profiles of this new variety are beautifully complex with lingering notes of chocolate. Absolutely mouth-watering. 

Skybury has its own environmental plan, and under its direction, their 90,000 coffee trees are carefully tended over each season. When they flower in October they produce a heady, jasmine-like scent that soaks the air. Once the cherries have matured and are ready to be harvested, they are good enough to eat from the tree. But the team manages to restrain themselves (mostly) and the high-quality, mature berries are delicately collected to create Skybury’s award-winning coffees.

Of course, coffee and papaya aren't the only things you’ll find at Skybury. Their thoughtful processing practices and focus on using the whole crop has even led to a luxurious, coffee-infused skincare line. 


  • Café and working roastery
  • Single origin award-winning coffee
  • Family run farm
  • Sustainable farming practises
  • Shade grown coffee
  • Papaya and skincare products


Mareeba, on the tropical Atherton Tableland, is approximately one hour's drive from Cairns and Port Douglas in North Queensland. It’s a hugely popular location for tourists due to its warm, balmy climate and stunning backdrops. 

With mountain retreats, stunning rainforests, waterfalls and world heritage sites, there's an abundance of natural wonders and luxury at your fingertips. Of course, along with beautiful scenery, there's a lot to attract your taste buds, too! The Atherton Tablelands is hub for agri-tourism and visitors are spoiled for choice with multiple farmers markets, dairy producers, distilleries, farm stores and of course, great coffee at Australia’s oldest coffee plantation!

Skybury Coffee