Collection: Tanna Coffee | Vanuatu


Tanna Coffee in Vanuatu Pacific Islands

Tanna Coffee, located in Vanuatu in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, is a local coffee company focused on taking you on an authentic taste journey of fantastic Vanuatu-grown coffee beans. Managing director, Terry Adlington, is originally an Australian coffee farmer. However, he believed that Vanuatu, with its beautiful climate and lush soils, was the perfect coffee growing region. He took over Tanna Coffee in 1998 with the sole aim of teaching the local farmers how to grow, harvest and process the local coffee beans to make the most of their unique features. 

It’s been a labour of love, but one that’s well worth it. Today Tanna’s coffee beans are grown and harvested exclusively by smallholder farmers, who care for the land and their plants. This yields some of the most beautiful coffee on the planet.

Tanna Coffee has always had a focus on its people and the planet. They’re passionate advocates for traditional farming methods and for supporting their smallholder coffee farmers. They take sustainability seriously in their farming methods, and their ethical practises ensure the current broad bio-diversity of Tanna Coffee is safeguarded. 

They’re so committed to this that in 2017, Tanna became certified organic with around 1,000 individual small holder coffee farmers banding together to achieve the status. Amazingly, they achieved this success using only traditional organic farming practices passed down through the centuries and with no harmful sprays or chemical fertilisers being used on the crops.


The Tanna Coffee journey hasn’t always been an easy one. The company has overcome severe climatic conditions, coffee leaf rust disease and harvesting difficulties. Then on 12 March 2015, Tropical Cyclone Pam devastated Vanuatu and all of its 84 islands. It also wiped out all Tanna’s coffees trees, hundreds of homes and destroyed the livelihood of over 650 smallholders. 

But with thousands of people's lives and futures dependent on it the Tanna team refused to give up. They began the process of stumping, pruning and replanting over the subsequent years. Though at first the result was only an eight tonne harvest, thankfully things have improved over time. And we’re incredibly lucky to have this beautiful, unique coffee available to us today!


  • Organic certified coffee
  • Grown by local smallholders
  • Espresso, dark roast and medium roast coffee 
  • Arabica beans


Vanuatu is in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It’s made up of 13 principal (and many smaller) islands located about 800 km west of Fiji. Described as absolute paradise, the warm climate, white sand beaches and azure seas have made it a popular destination and tourist spot.

Best known for its dense rainforest, mountains and, of course, white sandy beaches, most of Vanuatu’s permanent inhabitants work in tourism, fishing and, of course, agriculture. And when it comes to food production, cocoa is an essential industry earner for Vanuatu. In fact, around 25% of rural households on Vanuatu are involved in cocoa production. Even better—the islands’ inhabitants are known for their ethical and sustainable production processes.

A little known fact—bungee jumping was invented in Vanuatu. It comes from a local tradition where locals would jump from wooden towers with yam roots tied to their ankles!