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Taralee Orchards is nestled in the Wirrabara Forest in the Southern Flinders Ranges, South Australia.   Paul, Raymon, and Renae Kretschmer own and operate their certified biodynamic stone-fruit orchard as a family. The holistic management and regenerative practices encourage their farm’s variety of enterprises to function together.  Thus creating a healthy and diverse nature-based ecosystem.
Their farms boast apricots, peaches, plums, nectarines, quinces, pomegranates, pears, and apples resulting in delicious fresh fruit ripening for five months of the year. 
Together with application of biodynamic preparations and the encouragement of natural pest predators, the orchard and gardens create an entirely chemical-free and fully nutritious fresh produce. All fruit and vegetables are handpicked, graded, and packed in our packing shed by the family. The market-garden provides an abundance of heirloom and cherry tomatoes, heritage pumpkins and squash, sweetcorn, apple cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower and much more.

Taralee’s large range of dried fruits are all hand-sliced and dried to enhance their delicious flavour. The biodynamic fruit for drying (all grown on the farm) means that you can see the full process from picking the ripe fruit through to packing the dried products. Each packet of dried fruit continues to be hand sliced and dried in our solar dehydrator or in the sizzling summer sun.

Furthermore, Renae creates authentic jams, jellies, chutneys, and sauces from treasured family recipes using our biodynamic fruits and vegetables, all on their old wood-fired stove top. The art of creating artisanal value-added products on farm was instilled in Renae by her mother, Denise. From working alongside Denise as a child, Renae learnt many recipes and tricks to creating the perfect, batch specific, organic, jams, sauces, chutneys, preserves, jellies and more.  All from the Taralee farms. The array of bottle of products all still made the same way; on their wood-fired stovetop, based on Denise’s treasured recipe book.  Renae has perfected the recipes and hand bottles the hot condiments, handwrites the labels and then they are ready to be enjoyed by you 😊
The cattle and sheep (which are very demanding) as well as poultry, get their fair share of reject fruit, thereby producing delicious (fruity?) beef, lamb chicken and eggs for sale at their local markets and direct from their farmgate. Along with Taralee’s produce, the busy family run two B&B cottages for anyone looking for a quiet, scenic, and relaxing getaway.
The complete food journey remains in their hands, here on their farm, so please enjoy! 

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