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What is black garlic? Well, besides being the absolute must have ingredient for 2022, it is regular garlic, just not as you know it! Instead of the in your face garlic smack we’re all familiar with, black garlic is soft textured with a delicate, sweet molassesy, umami packed flavour, coveted by home cooks and top chefs alike.

Contrary to popular belief, black garlic is made not grown. A fermentation process of sorts is created in a carefully temperature and humidity controlled environment. This causes a Maillard reaction – a process where amino acids turn into sugars, the same effect that occurs on a well crusted steak or in sweet caramelised onions. The time it takes to turn regular white garlic into its prized doppleganger can be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months and can even be achieved at home with a little effort and a lot of patience.

Around the world black garlic is a highly sought after superfood, rich in amino acids, phytonutrients and antioxidants. It has been used in Asian culture for centuries in both cooking and for medicinal purposes. Here in Oz, we’re lucky enough to have some incredible artisans making black garlic right here on our doorstep and turning it into mouth-watering products like aiolis, relishes, powders, pastes and dressings. 

Whether you buy ready-made black garlic infused goodies or use the undoctored cloves to create your own condiments, finish off a dish, slather on meats or add to a cheeseboard, you’ll be in awe of this true gem of the culinary world. And the added bonus … no garlic breath!

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