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The Kind Coffee Co from Tweed River NSW


We are Australian owned and operated with facilities situated along the Tweed River in New South Wales. We are dedicated to our craft and make only authentic, organic and healthy coffee products. We believe taste is paramount and our beans are meticulously hand roasted and custom blended for each recipe to achieve a delicious and recognisable flavour note, distinct to The Kind Coffee Co.


From the moment founders Jules and Trevor took their first sip of cold brew, it was love. Absolute, unconditional, no-holds-barred love. Unfortunately, in the dark ages of [2010] cold brew wasn’t well known or commercially available here in Australia. (Their first taste was brought back from California.) So, they were left to pine after the clean coffee flavours that cold brew offers. And that simply wasn’t good enough.

Trevor and Jules wanted to be the ones to bring cold brew coffee to Australia. And with Trevor’s background in engineering and Jules’ fascination with R&D, they had just the skill set to do it. 

Together they spent seven years figuring out the best way to bulk brew this beautiful beverage. They worked with various types of equipment (including wine making equipment) and processes. They tried different beans, different roasts and different grinds. They tested (and tasted) and tested (and tasted) some more. Until they finally cracked it—they had produced the perfect cold brew.

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