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We take great pride in making salami by hand - from the individual premium ingredients, the drying process, and especially the slicing. The meat is all free range, air-dried to just the right consistency and full of flavour.

Spicy Salami

In the small town of Bowenfels, nestled between Sydney and the Central West food bowl, The Salami Man was born. A place capable of producing a product with rich Australian flavour and heat. Using ingredients such as local beef, spring onions, chilli's and fresh garlic to give our product it's unique flavour.

Fresh Ingredients

Our naturally cured meats create a new meaning to the word 'sophisticated'. We won't skimp on ingredients, while others may use cheap salts or ingredients we ensure we use exactly what the recipe calls for. We take great pride in creating perfectly balanced flavour profiles for our unique products. Each salami is handcrafted using artisan methods in a small batch environment. We are committed to preserving traditional methods and providing an exceptional product with every bite.

The Salami Man for Artisans Bend

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