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At Wind Dancer we are passionate about wood, sounds cliche, but the love of wood and what it brings to our every day lives has always been a big part of who we are.  Everyday all of us come into contact with wood that has been fashioned or crafted in some way or form that we use consciously or unconsciously, it is part of everything we do, see and touch.

At Wind Dancer we want to take the mundane and plain and make it look and feel beautiful. Sustainable new growth and recycled timber are all we use.  Some of our recycled timber, that you will choose to be part of your home, could be more than a century old.  Everyone of our products from the smallest cheese knife to the largest dining table are hand crafted.

We use many traditional tools and the latest in woodworking machines and technology to bring you our version of art.   Every piece we produce is hand made and unique, no two are ever the same, mother nature working her magic through us to produce life long treasures for you.

Cutting, Charcuterie & Cheese Boards

All of our boards are hand crafted, 20 mm in thickness.  Anything larger would be difficult to carry as these boards are real, heavy, genuine Australian hardwood, not soft and light pine or Camphor Laurel.   

All our boards get a food safe mineral oil “bath” &  two coats of “wood wax” before they leave us.

Choose from our standard range of boards or from our large selection of One off range of individual boards, that can have a distinctive grain pattern or live edge. All of these boards are hand made and are one of a kind, what you select is what you will get.

We produce furniture and timber products sourcing only sustainable and recycled timber.

Our products are hand made only from timber grown in Australia, our country has the most beautiful and hardest timbers in the world.

Every item that is produced in our workshop, treated well, will last not a lifetime, but generations! Every piece, big or small is hand crafted.

We are going through, but not getting to the end of the “flat pack” and “throw away” eras.  Buy a gift or have a piece of solid wood furniture made that will stand the test of time.  How many of us have a piece of furniture purchased from the big “Swedish” brand that has been handed down to us?  Zero!….and we certainly won’t hand down a piece to the next generation!

Recycling timber helps the environment and brings class and character into your home or office.

Throw away those plastic and imported cheap looking cutting and charcuterie boards that dull your knives.  Bring a small piece of Australia into your home and kitchen with our stunning and unique Australian timber  treasures.

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