AusPost Fight


From 30 June, Australia Post are banning the sending of perishable goods. This directly affects HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people right around Australia!

First, let's talk about the thousands of small mum & dad businesses right across Australia who rely on AusPost to send their products. Many of these are in regional areas and NEED AusPost for their livelihood. When AusPost brings in this ban, these thousands of small businesses will lose a big part of their business. And without small business in regional towns, these towns die.

Second, there are hundreds of thousands of Australians, right across Australia, who rely on AusPost to receive products from these small makers. Hundreds of thousands of people supporting small businesses.

Over the past 12months, we have sent 55,000 cheese orders to all parts of Australia. A large number of these are sent with AusPost to regional and remote areas. When this ban comes into effect, thousands of people, many on farms, will not be able to get their monthly cheese subscription, something they look forward to to uplift their spirits. After years of drought, bushfires and COVID, a simple thing like a delivery of cheese is a pure treat that brings families together and so they can simply enjoy the moment. These people have been through enough, but now to cut off simple treats like this is a disgrace.

We spent a few hundred thousands of dollars in 2020 to create an insulation package specifically so we can ship through AusPost and handle extended transit times. We worked with a vaccine transport company to create our packaging because we owed it to our cheesemakers and people in regional and rural areas to get them produce in great shape. Even with all our test data, this appears to be a blanket ban that will destroy many mum & dad businesses and affect the happiness of people in harder to reach areas. The first we knew of this ban was through the media. Even though we are a sizeable customer, we did not have direct contact about this ban coming into effect.

AusPost is a business that is owned by us, the people of Australia. Yes, this may seem like a David v Goliath battle but we have hundreds of thousands of people on our side. We are here to be the voice of the people.

I call on you to please share this with as many people as possible. This is going to damage the very fabric of small business nation-wide. The government bangs on about economic recovery, but this goes against everything.

I call on politicians to stand up for small business and the hundreds of thousands of people who will be directly affected by this and demand dialogue and solutions. You represent us. Let us be heard.

And to Australia Post, I call on you to discuss with us solutions. There are solutions to this problem. We have been shipping perishable goods, very successfully, via AusPost for more than 5years. We have created World-leading insulated packaging and packing protocols to ensure we can handle the rigours that is AP. Let’s sit down and work out a solution.

In 2020 we helped small Australian cheesemakers conquer a very challenging time. In 2021, we are again taking up the fight. Not just for our cheesemakers, but for the thousands of mum & dad businesses and the hundreds of thousands who look forward to getting their parcels delivered from small artisan makers.

Blessed are the cheesemakers and all the other artisan makers across Australia.

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