International Cheeses

Adios to International Cheese!

For almost 7years we have sold International cheeses alongside Australian. Over this time, I have reached out to all makers to build a deeper connection & understand why they do what they do. Although I have forged many great relationships with dozens of Australian cheesemakers, I have not formed one with an international producer. For this reason I say Adios to International Cheese!

It's not easy being an Australian small business at the moment. Our small producers are struggling with so many pressures and it's time to lend even greater support as a community of cheese lovers!

For many of the international makers, they are big producers where Australia is merely an outpost. This isn't the business I want to deal with. I want to know the owners, walk their paddocks and stir some curds. I want to know what makes them tick, day in, day out.

This is us living one of our core values.

~Sam Penny~
Head Cheesemonger
(Yes, it's the job title you wish you had)