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About Artisans Bend

What Happens on Holiday…

In 2015 Sam and Helen took a holiday in the French-founded colony of Vanuatu. There they experienced a wonderful range of incredible artisan produce—especially cheeses. And while enjoying a food-induced stupor one sunny afternoon, they asked themselves, ‘How can we keep enjoying incredible, handcrafted cheeses like this back at home?’ 
The seed of a brilliant idea started to grow. Cheese Therapy was born.
From the start Cheese Therapy was Sam and Helen’s answer to the bland supermarket cheese that was endemic throughout Australia (despite there being some wonderful local producers making some beautiful cheeses). Having experienced better (much, much better) they knew that artisan cheese was the answer. And they wanted to make it easy for Australians (and just quietly, to themselves as well!) to enjoy every day.


Cheese Therapy

In the beginning Cheese Therapy was just a small family business based out of Queensland. For the first few years Sam and Helen did everything themselves—sourcing the cheese and meeting the artisans, then purchasing, cutting, wrapping, packing and posting cheese to hungry cheese-lovers all over Australia. 
Then came 2020 (a year that will live in infamy). It was a hard year for many, many Australians, and especially for the small artisanal producers. Sam and Helen wanted to help… so they began offering the Therapy Box. This box focused on supporting Australian traditional cheesemakers impacted by bushfires, droughts and COVID. And because Australians are such awesome humans, it became an overnight success—giving people a great way to help (with its own delicious reward!).
One day, Sam received a call from another artisan producer who was really struggling. But their product wasn’t cheese… it was coffee.  Sam, Helen and the growing team wanted to help, and they had a way to do it. So they began to offer this new product on the Cheese Therapy site, as well. Soon others followed, beginning with coffee, but expanding to chocolate, wine and more!


Artisans Bend

Of course, now that they were offering so much more than just cheese, the name Cheese Therapy didn’t make quite as much sense. So they sat down (with a cheese platter and a cheeky bottle or of wine of course!) to think about what the next step would be.
They wanted to support local Australian artisans, and those in the surrounding areas, that were doing it tough. They wanted to offer Australians incredibly delicious products that were difficult to find anywhere else. And they wanted to make it really, really easy. And that meant transitioning to a new company that did it all—Artisans Bend.


About Sam and Helen

Sam and Helen have always shared a passion for fine cheese and incredible food. While Sam is the driving force behind Artisans Bend and enjoys meeting and supporting producers both at home and abroad, Helen is the creative driver. She has years of graphic design and management experience. But both would say their favourite part of the job is the taste testing (naturally)!

With their team, Sam and Helen plan and work months in advance to bring Australians beautiful artisan products that taste amazing, and feel good to buy. Our customers love knowing they’re supporting a farmer or a producer or a family (or all three!) to keep doing what they do best. 

Their original small team of ‘Cheese Angels’ has grown of course, but the central ethos remains the same. A drive to provide a place for local artisans where they don’t have to compete with huge, boring supermarket brands. Where their incredible products can shine through. And where local Australians can get the best boutique, artisanal products delivered straight to their homes.

Above: The Cheese Therapy launch in April 2015.